Open Call 2015

This november will take place the IV edition of Game on! El arte en juego.

Game on! El arte en juego was born six years ago as a kind of experiment, we wondered about the meaning of video games as art, about the interaction of games, art, technology and society. It turned out we weren’t the only ones, there was a bunch of similar experiments popping out around the world. All of us shared the same concern, we wanted to recover the forgotten meaning of games, their joy, their playfulness and their seriousness as well.

The first edition of Game on! El arte en juego took place at our art gallery: Objeto a. Since then it has had three main editions and several special editions or participations, being invited to other exhibitions, events, fairs and congresses in Argentina and other countries in Latinoamerica.

This new edition will focus on the experimental factor. Game on! Art at play. DIY. Exploring the boundaries.
We keep on digging into the creative process of game making and interactive art, trying to unravel the ways into which play can relate with other sciences and experiences. The exhibition will be accompanied by a wide range of activities including projections, performances, workshops and talks.

The date is still to confirm, but we are aiming to november. Once more San Martin Cultural Center will be transformed into a ludic experience, filled with video games, playful media and experimental controls. This new edition follows into the steps of  the young Finnish philosopher Pekka Himanen and his hacker ethic, a new work ethic that has to do with the underlying assumptions about stress, time management, work, and play. A work ethic that founds its core in creativity and sharing.  Deconstruction, Creativity, Team work, New functionalities, Parallel thinking, those are some of the concepts behind this new edition.

Most of the works to be presented in tu upcoming edition will be a result of interdisciplinar work. Teams made of developers, multimedial artists and amateurs will work head to head creating works that will focus on interactive experiences, on the immersion of the audience.  New sensibilities will be aroused. The whole body will be summoned to take part of this experience. We are currently working  alongside developers, investigators, artists and theorists preparing the programme. We are also open to receiving new proposals for the different categories: playful media, alternative controls, experimental & art games, performances and workshops. All interested in presenting their proposals can reach us at

FORM: 2015form




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